Robot Technology for Everyone

This is an all-in-one page for people new to Robots and practical uses. To familiarize yourself with each of them, in between descriptions below there are links to specific examples of applications and the possibilities.

Robots for the Home

The latest most popular robots for the home are the different self propelled vacuum cleaners. However, the Robotic Pool Cleaner has become more sophisticated and high end at the same time. Robotic Arms are available in a wide range of pricing for home experimentation to production line usages. Wikipedia Robotics Aspects

Home Robot Arms for Learning and Education

Robotic Tutorial Video Basics, Axis Controls

Tesla Robotic Factory Automation

FANUC Flying Robots Automation

Programming Welding Robot Tutorial

Self Program Automated Weld Robot

Structural Steel Robotic Beam Assembly Machine

Robot Platform Positioner

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Duo Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

Home Robotic Pool Cleaners

Productivity Odyssey 3 Drone Robot Pesticide Sprayer

GigBot XL 3D Dual Extruder 3D Printer

WASP Largest and fastest 3D Printer in the USA

The WASP 60100 Delta TURBO 3D Robotic printer, Maximum speed 600 Millimeters per second, high volume of 282 liters, accurate and a precision machine, Manufacturers Specifications: Layer resolution: 0.1 > 0.25 mm Precision: X-Y 0.05 / Z 0.01 mm Print speed: 150 mm/s Move: 6.000 mm/s2 Travel speed: 80 / turbo 100 mm/s Print box: 600 h 1000 mm Printing volume: 282 liters TECH & MATERIALS FFF filament: 1,75 Materials: abs, pla, hips Experimental: pet, nyl, flx, pst, pur, lay Nozzle : 0.4 / * 0.7 / * 0.9 mm Fast interchangeable extruders Extruder: porcelain, ceramic, clay BODY & MECHANICS Rails/chassis: aluminium unibody Runner: hi-speed anodized alu Motors: Nema17-1/16 microstep Belt: hi-speed fiber reinforced Body: 118 x 104 x 254 cm / 80 kg Buildplate: tempered glass Wheels: 3x with breaks ENERGY & POWER Supply: 110-230 V / 50-60Hz Extruder Temp: max 260C Hot-plate Temp: max 100C Pwr print+plate: 130+400W Light: Built-in white led Glasses: polycarb + door SOFT & HARDWARE Free: Win, Mac, Linux File format: stl, obj, gcode Data input: SD + USB ARM 32bit + LCD Led

3D Printer Robotic Builders and Replicators

3D printing has become affordable for just about anyone. Depending on your needs to developing physical prototypes of your designs or small production runs.

Robot Mopping and Robot Mops

The devices in the under $300. range work as reviewed.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Models

These self propelled devices are the higher end models.

Home Automation and Control Devices

While not specifically Robots, these controllers are commonly installed.

Amazon Robotics

Amazon is replacing repetitive jobs with motion control that is automated and independent. Combined with human judgement this technology is advancing the operation and fulfillment services that they provide in their warehousing and shipping of all types of commercial products.
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