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This is an all-in-one page for guitar effects. To familiarize yourself with each of them, in between descriptions below there are links you can listen to the classic rock songs which were iconic and used the particular guitar effect pedal. If you are a beginning guitarist, you might be confused with the large selection of devices that you can plug in between your guitar and your amplifier. If you are looking for guitar lessons, backing tracks or other help visit
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Guitar FX / Guitar Effects Pedals and Stomp Boxes

Looping Pedals allow you to record a short musical riff and repeat it over and over. This type of guitar pedal is great for songwriting and jamming when you are by yourself. All that is required is to Stomp on the pedal, record a short phrase, then stomp once again on the pedal to stop recording and it will start an automatic playback of the loop. Now start practicing your 5 forms, a scale or just for memorizing the fretboard.
Another option is to record from the 100's of backing tracks available on GuitarTutorialVideos.com

Rock Music from the 1970's-1908's will remain timeless. The guitar tones and sounds which were created by those guitarists and the famous producers such as Tom Dowd with numerous bands from Ray Charles to Lynard Skynard, Eddie Kramer with Jimi Hendrix, Ted Templeman with Montrose and later Van Halen, Bob Ezrin, Mutt Lange with AC/DC, Bob Rock with Metallica and their Black Album, Kevin Shirley with Joe Bonamassa and on and on. Guitar tone is the hallmark that draws in the listener and not only is tone in your fingers, it is with your amplifier and the effects chain that you use. The "Classic Rock sound" loved by us all is thanks to analog modification of the incoming signal from Electric Guitar Effects. Marshall Amplifiers, The Fender Bassman, Mesa Boogie, the Vox AC-30, all are individual as they can be. Combine those amps with effects pedals in line with your guitar- and the sound is created.

Guitar FX / Effects in Rack Mount, Software or Effects Pedals are all available to modify your sound and your tone.

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Acoustic Guitar Effects

Acoustic Guitars with attachable or built in pick-ups use special signal modifications that Electrics do not have, although this page is about Electric Guitar FX's, it is worth a mention.

Booster Pedal

Boost Pedals are common when a lead guitarist wants to immediately play a guitar solo and is set to boost the signal 3db or even double it to 6db above the normal playing level.

Chorus Effect

The Chorus add's a nice color to the sound, which rather than try to describe can use this (mp3 example here), it has sort of a ring or chime sound that makes your tone more brilliant.


David Gilmour's awesome tone and sustained notes while doing his bent vibrato in Comfortably Numb can be attributed to his use of a compression pedal. Guitarists find the settings confusing and it requires some experimentation to adjust but the ability to sustain your notes volume beyond their normal delay time that the string vibrates is a very useful tool. This effect can be quite expensive such as the Joe Meek units used in recording studios as rack mount configuration for overall management of the "packet" of sound and the mix.

Distortion Effect

Most tube amplifiers have a clean and distorted channel built into them, however some guitarists who have solid state amplifiers prefer to use an in-line pedal for additional distortion. This pedal is not to be confused with a Fuzz Box.

Delay and Echo

EchoPlex and Delay units historically were actual tape loops, that were prone to breaking easily. Today's digital delays solve that problem

Drum Machine Pedal / Beat Buddy

A hardware pedal that works like a drum machine with real digitized drums sounds and as a metronome all in one. Great for keeping your chops up and won't lose time. However, unlike a real drummer it can get boring but is great for practicing and being motivated to practice.

Equalizer Pedals

EQ boxes are external to the Amplifier so you can alter the signal being output from your guitar before it enters the amp, there are many varieties of uses for an EQ. This is nearly the same manner how your stereo or iPod has settings for Concert Hall, Small Room, Live, etc. where the high, midrange and low frequencies are boosted or cut down via specific frequency bands or segments in volume (Gain/Amplitude) and adjusted to that overall sound which your ears would like to hear.

Flanger Effects

Somewhat like a Phase Shifter Pedal, the Flanger provides a unique modification to your tone. Example mp3 here

Fuzz Boxes

Jimi Hendrix used a Fuzz Face effect, and some recordings that used it was apparent. In this time the Marshall Amplifier did not use the master volume and gain modifications for the "Crunch" sound, so iconic of a Marshall Amplifier, that those mod's were done later so to get distortion Jimi used a Fuzz Box.

Looping Pedals

This is one the newest inventions in small effects pedals dating only a few years. This pedal is great to practice with or live like KT Tungstal's Blackhorse and the Cherry Tree allowing live recording and stacking sound upon sound as a backing track. Prior to these stomp boxes, Robert Fripp in the 70's had tape loops and then later in the 1990's computer software programs such as Sonic Foundries "Acid" software which opened up the entire world to DJ's and many non musicians to creating music simply by cutting and pasting loops or beats. Loopers are one of the most fun products to purchase for any skill level guitarist.

Multi-Effects Processors

Manufacturers have combined many effects into one package. Rackmount and Pedal versions exist for studio or live work. I recall seeing even the Line 6 POD unit on stage with Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult so even that unit which is really a desktop design, can in a pinch be used live. The memory storage available on the digital units make recalling settings for specific song so convenient that having your favorite tones assigned to foot pedals make the multi effects units great. Most of these units have software written into sounds they have digitized to emulate tube sounds of specific vintage amp's. Much like a keyboard sound module that Roland or Korg has offered, those same sounds are available for immediate recall and playback. There is VST software that even resides in Garage Band which comes free on Apple Computers that has a variety of effects built right in.

Noise Gate's

This is not really an effect, but rather a device to prevent noise in the signal chain especially if you have multiple effects pedals, avoid it if you can.

Octaver and Doubler

The Octaver pedal combines two tones: First the note you are hitting on the guitar and one either higher or lower one octave, or even increments of for example a 3rd above the root note to harmonize the sound. This type of effect must be used sparingly as to not overdo it.

Overdrive Effect

The Ibanez Tube Screamer, you will read about time and time again as the pedal, from 70's Blue's Legend Stevie Ray Vaughan to Kirk Hammett in Metallica. In line between your guitar and your tube amp, this boosts the signal and is one of the most common of all pedals used bring out the tone in your sound.


Phaser Shifters

MXR entered the market in the mid 1970's I recall and one of the first effects I ever owned was the MXR Phase 90. When you think of a a Phase Shifter, think of the oscillations in the scratching rhythm guitar intro to Van Halen's "Atomic Punk" Eddie used the premier pedal at the time which was the MXR Phase 90, being reproduced today with NOS components to be manufactured like the original. Ted Nugent's Bass Player even used a phaser in the great song "Stranglehold"

Reverb Effects

Most Tube Amplifiers have built into the bottom of the unit a metal "Can" that the reverb unit sits inside. There are many different types of Reverb units that are electronic and not just a mechanical unit as described. This is probably one of the earlier effects found on Guitar Amplifiers and has remained integral to their design for many years.

Talk Box Squawk Box

Made famous at the 7 Min of his live version of the song by Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do" - click to hear from his massive selling "Frampton Comes Alive" album released in January of 1976. It has a long clear plastic "Tygon" tube like that you might see on your air pump in an aquarium, that combining tones from your vocals with the guitar modifies the sound somewhat like a wah pedal might.


When you think of a tremolo immediately comes to mind surf music from the 50's and 60's. Of course Guitars with floating bridges have a whammy bar for a manual tremolo effect, but pedals are also used


Tuners come in many styles, shapes and sizes. Tuners that are attached to the guitar head stock on acoustics, digital tuners and analog needle type tuners, on-line web or app based tuners for your phone. For performance, the Boss TS-2 and TS-3 series are popular with a true bypass switch so that it can be part of your effects pedal board.

Volume Pedals

Like it's name implies, a volume pedal is used to raise and lower the volume. It isn't used in the same manner as a Wah Wah pedal, but as a volume booster of variable control unlike a boost switch that bumps up the volume a set increment for soloing.

Wah-Wah Pedals

The Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal is the original that dates back to Jimi Hendrix using it on Voodoo Chile, this pedal has been copied and reinforced for road use and modified so many times over the years I find it all incredible that so many models have existed. Slash can't live without one (Sweet Child of Mine solo), neither can Joe Satriani as this pedal is integral to their music and sound.

Riff Storage Pedal- WireTap Riff Recorder

One of the newer Stomp boxes- allows you to not have rely on your recorder or computer when jamming. This pedal will record in CD quality up to 8 Hours of Riffs and it's your choice if they are only 20 seconds long or to the entire 8 hours length, access them from your smartphone or iPhone and share them with your friends, easily rename them.

Uni-Vibe-Viscious Vibe Pedal

TC Electronics has re-created the Uni-Vibe for today's digital world. Unique in sound, take a listen to the demo

Line 6 Pod Amp Modeler

The Line 6 Pod unit has been around for quite some time now. It was revolutionary at the time to have analog sounds digitized and put into firmware of a guitar effects unit.

Rack Mount Multi-Effects Processor

A variety of all-in-one guitar effects processors are available in a rack mount configuration instead of the traditional stomp box effects pedals.

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